These Starlets Should Be In Bond 25

These Starlets Should Be In Bond 25

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They’re sexy, savvy, and sophisticated–could they be the next Bond Girls?

Since the last James Bond film “Spectre” hit the big screen in 2015, there has been plenty of buzz about who will assume the role as the British MI5 agent. Daniel Craig has been rumored to star in one or two more films, even though he has expressed disinterest in being 007 once again. Other dashing British gents have also been speculated as contenders for the role, from Tom Hardy (Mad Max) and Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) to Idris Elba (Prometheus). The latest Bond 25 rumor centers on Charlie Hunnam (King Author).

As much of a fan that I am of the sleek sleuth and who’ll portray him in the next big screen action flick, I can’t help but also wonder which famous lady will land the coveted gig as a Bond Girl. Whether it’s as Bond’s paramour, the femme fatale, or as the villain’s pawn–these ladies are just as vital to Bond’s story as M and Q.
M may orchestrate Bond’s covert missions and Q may invent his lethal gadgets, but the Bond Girls play a big role in his life, too. They love him, try to kill him, even die for him. So what starlets have what it takes to be a leading lady in Bond 25? Here’s my picks for potential Bond Girls and what they can bring to the role.

The Femme Fatale

Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor in “Terminator Genisys” (2015). (Paramount Pictures)

This Bond Girl is a trained assassin and James Bond is her target. She’s sultry and a temptress. She’s also dangerous and has set her sites on Bond. She may be in cahoots with an evil villain, or she may be going solo on a deadly mission to destroy the world, or infiltrate the British government. Either way, she has one goal–to kill 007. For this role, the actress has to be beguiling and seem treacherous. Her work has to have drawn attention–not so much as to make her a household name–enough that just a mention of her induces an “AHA!”

The actress that resonates for this role is Emilia Clarke. She’s a British actress who garnered international fame in 2011 as a newcomer when she landed a role on “Game of Thrones.” In 2013 she was Holly Golightly for the Broadway production of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” She also faced off with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Sarah Connor in “Terminator Genisys” in 2015. She’s got style, finesse, and she can kick butt too–evident in her previous roles.

The Paramour

This Bond Girl is the love interest. She wins his heart, even if only temporarily. She may start out as a foe, but she finds the stealthy spy too hard to resist. And, she knows how to turn Bond’s head too. After all, she’s sexy, savvy, and sophisticated. For this role, the actress has to be stunning and mysterious. Someone who isn’t too known–Bond Girls are rarely A-listers–but something about them is memorable.

The actress that comes to mine as Bond’s paramour is Audrey Tautou. Her French origins make her the ideal femme fatale. She’s been seen in indie films such as “Amélie” (2001) and “Coco Before Chanel” (2009), as well as blockbusters such as “The Da Vinci Code” (2006). She’s alluring and just may have what it takes to be the next siren to face off with Bond.

The Pawn

Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway in “Mad Men” (2007). (Lionsgate Television)

This Bond Girl is the sacrificial lamb. She has been used by the villain to ensnare 007 in a trap. Unfortunately for this unsuspecting Bond Girl, her usefulness plays out once the villain believes they’ve gotten Bond just where they want him. This is also unfortunate for Bond, because often times he has fallen for this ill-fated decoy and attempts to save her life, but not before she has given him up to the villain. For this role, the actress has to be believable as vulnerable, unwitting, but sultry too. She’s the kitten that needs to be saved, but that doesn’t mean she’s not super smart. She might initially be a willing participant in luring Bond.

Actress Christina Hendricks wouldn’t only add some Americana to the mix, but deadly curves too! Although she’s had minor roles on the big screen, she’s more readily known as the resident seductress Joan Holloway from the TV series “Mad Men” (2007-2015). But don’t let her small screen role fool you. As you surely know, that show was a big hit with some fabulous actors and scripts. She would definitely hold her own as a Bond Girl.

The Villain

Helen Mirren as Victoria in “Red 2” (2013). (Summit Entertainment)

It would be remiss not to mention the possibility of a Bond Girl villain. Most notably, Bond’s vicious villains have been men, but that could change with the right casting. She’d have to be strong, omnipotent, and an all-around ‘Alpha’ woman, who commands attention and is feared by her minions.

For this villainous role, well-known (and respected) actress Helen Mirren would be glorious as Bond’s nemesis. She has a royal demeanor–remember her in “The Queen” (2006)? And, she’s not new to being armed and dangerous either–just check her out in “Red” (201) and “Red 2” (2013) co-starring Bruce Willis. Recently she even had a cameo in “The Fate of the Furious” (2017) as Jason Statham’s mum. There’s no doubt, she would prove to be a formidable enemy in Bond 25.

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