Q&A with Director Matthew Miele for “Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s”

Q&A with Director Matthew Miele for “Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s”

The fashion documentary to watch this year is “Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s.” Whether you are a fashion connoisseur or someone who merely appreciates beautifully designed clothes, you’ll love this film. We recently caught up with the director Matthew Miele, to get the scoop on what it was like to create the film and his post-production experience.

Why choose  to do a documentary?

The project all started with my interest in the windows. I was mostly fascinated with the extravagant features. Since there were no archival documents on [Bergdorf’s], I decided it would be a great idea to figure it all out. It was also an opportunity for me to collectively support and exploit the common demeanor all the designers had in common.

What interest do you have in the fashion industry that inspired you to start this project?

I am not interested in fashion what so ever. I respect fashion as an art form, and I acknowledge the ingenuity and design of it.

What were the most challenging aspect of the project, and what was the most rewarding?

The most challenging was once we had a few designers we had to include everyone. So that was the most challenging, getting everyone together. The most rewarding was being able to tell the story. Keeping Herman, Edwin and Andrew Bergdorf’s legacy. Being able to do that was a heavy responsibility, but yet the most rewarding.

Would you consider or do you plan on filming more movies on fashion related topics, or possibly another fashion documentary?

I am actually starting a new film on a store in New York, which unfortunately can’t be revealed. It isn’t necessarily fashion related, but is equally impressive as “Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf’s” and A-listed.

Where would you scatter your ashes at Bergdorf’s?

There is a fountain out in the front of the store – the triple layer fountain called Audrey – is where I would scatter them. It is actually a special fountain, and I hope to someday tell a story about her.

Jazelle Prado

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