What I Learned From Sephora Contouring Tips

What I Learned From Sephora Contouring Tips

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The latest beauty debate has been whether contouring accentuates your best features or exaggerates them.

What better place to get the intel on this beauty dilemma than Sephora? What makes them one of my favorite beauty haunts is their focus on educating customers on beauty. Every month or so they have what they call animations, where they focus on a specific topic. The current topic is all about the magic of contouring.

For this mission, I headed to Sephora at Scottsdale Fashion Square in Arizona and sat with makeup artist Sara, who gave me a tutorial while contouring my round face. I requested that she use mostly Dior products (for another top secret mission). At the conclusion of our session, to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by how natural and radiant my face appeared, and for a makeup minimalist like myself, that’s a major plus.

The major lesson I learned was that contouring isn’t a bad beauty technique, the true culprit is being heavy-handed when it comes to applying products to achieve the desired look. Check out Sephora how-to videos for face shape and skin tone, products used during my contouring session, and more tips from Sara below.

Fair and Heart
Beige and Square

Olive and Round

Deep and Oval

Dior Products On My Radar


Dior Airflash Spray Foundation in #300 | Dior Nude Air Serum SPF 20 in Mocha | Dior Contour Lipliner Pencil in Thrilling Plum | Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Minuit (top) and Vie D’Enfer (right) | 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Cuir Cannage | Dior Brow Style Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil

Sara’s Contouring Tips
  • Contouring starter products – Powder matching your skin tone, highlighter or concealer, and a good angled brush.
  • Contouring on the go – Use concealer where you would cream or powder and use in areas such as under the lash, top of the cheek bone, and the front of your nose.
  • Contouring the easy way – Try the cream palette options because it’s a much quicker application versus powders.
  • Contouring essential – Any bronzer if you have nothing else in your arsenal
  • Contouring don’t – Not paying attention to your face symmetry and blending of product. (Watch video at top to learn which face shape you have – oval, round, heart, or square)
  • Conturing must – Always highlight and conceal the eyes.
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  1. I also heard about these classes at Sephora and was thinking to check them out. Even though I am a makeup junkie, it is always nice to learn something new. Also, since you had a positive experience, I am definitely have to check it out!

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