Vincent Longo For Francesca Liberatore Spring 2015 Beauty

Vincent Longo For Francesca Liberatore Spring 2015 Beauty

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Vincent Longo and his stellar team of colorists played a major role in the Francesca Liberatore Spring 2015 beauty looks. Whilst Liberatore worked her magic on the fashion designs that graced the runway, the Longo’s team worked diligently backstage to create stunning beauty looks that accented the looks featured in the show, no doubt inspiring beauty trends that we can look forward to seeing in the upcoming season. We had unprecedented backstage access to the show so we could share intel on what to keep on your radar for spring.


Pastel Hued Lips

The deep red lips of this past year are out. Instead, Longo went with a more neutral lip color one or two shades past a nude. It’s a subtle accent of pink that complements the entire look as opposed to being the focal point – a stark contrast to the bold red lip.

Bold Brows

The eyes have it, literally! All focus is drawn to the eyes and the brows that enhance them. Industry trends dictate that eyebrow grooming stay as natural and low maintenance as possible resulting in a thicker and bolder brow. Cara Delevingne did it and now most make up artists have chosen to follow suit.

Lavender Haze Eyes

While purple tinted eye makeup will definitely be a carryover trend from this season’s runways, Vincent Logo interpreted the look in a more artistic manner. He used lavender eyeshadow but extended it up towards the forehead.

Image source: Regina Spurlock

Deborah Metts

Deborah Metts

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