Celebrity Stylist Chiara Solloa Talks Fashion

Celebrity Stylist Chiara Solloa Talks Fashion

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Living the life of a stylist can be a posh one – traveling around the world, styling high-end designer garb, and fashioning chic celebs. But there’s more than meets the eye with this fashionable gig. Styling can be hard work and a days excursion shopping for photo shoot must-haves, can be an arduous task. Just ask celebrity stylist Chiara Solloa, Miami’s ‘it girl’ stylist who sums it up best when she describes what it’s really like being a stylist, “Shopping can be very tiring. You are on your feet basically running around and carrying a ton of bags … It’s not laid back glamour like people think.” Since founding her own fashion company, Solloa has styled a bevy of celebs including Alicia Keys, Javier Bardem, Tiger Woods, and Shania Twain. She’s even worked with Jennifer Lopez for the “Live It Up” music video (watch above). I recently caught up with the Miami-based stylist to talk fashion, celebrities, and trends. Like a true creative, when asked what inspired her to be a stylist she doesn’t attribute it to a specific object or moment in time, but rather  explains, ” I grew up with art, film and my family in fashion and that inspired me to be who I am, and I feel my career is a reflection of me.” Here’s more intel from our exclusive e-interview:

How long have you been styling?

I have been styling since I was a child, my grandmother made my doll costumes and I styled my beloved Barbies, but as a career and paying the bills, 15 yrs.

Biggest challenge as a fashion stylist?

Getting the right look and staying on budget is very hard, sometimes I see a designer piece I love but its out of budget for the job and I have to figure out how to get it made in less than 24 hrs.

How would you style the first female president of the United States?

I would love to dress our [her] in a printed palazzo pant suit with bold colors and chunky accessories. I would choose Diane von Furstenburg. She understands the female silhouette.

What notable person would you like to style and why?

Beyoncé, her body is perfect and I feel she likes to take risks and be fashion forward.

How would you describe your style?

My style changes by the day, I may be inspired by something I saw or how my mood feels that day and I express it through my clothing, fashion is an extension of who we are and how we feel. Sometimes fashion can change your mood and make you feel better.

What are three styling tips you live by?

Proper fit, correct undergarments, and confidence.

What’s a myth about styling you would like to dispel?

My day can last 14-16 hours and shopping can be very tiring. You are on your feet basically running around and carrying a ton of bags, so I am usually not wearing heels when I work. Its not laid back glamour like people think.[/tps_header]



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