11 Do’s and Don’ts of Having An International Romance

11 Do’s and Don’ts of Having An International Romance

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There’s nothing worse than the friend who leaves you in a bar alone to go and hunt down the sexy Englishman who just left with his equally distinguished lads – unless that bar is in a different country where the only words you understand are “hello” and “more beer.” Just like girl code, there is a code for international romances. So take out your traveler’s check list and make sure these tips are packed safely in your carryon.

  1. Do Go Out with A Group of New People – Take the opportunity to go out and meet a few locals or fellow travelers. Within your new group of friends, there is bound to be one cutie you can rendezvous with.
  2. Don’t Go Out with Your New Beau Alone – We all know you want the thrill of being whisked away on a romantic getaway, however, taking advantage of women is very common in some countries. Let’s not re-make a real life “Taken” situation.
  3. Do Kiss a Stranger in a Bar – You’re on vacation. So let loose and have a good time. As long as your friends have your back, there’s no need to be paranoid about sharing a friendly greeting.
  4. Don’t Ditch Your Friend – You all have been drinking, you’re in a new city, and you don’t speak the language. I know Mr. McDreamy just left the building, but you can’t leave your drunken friend alone and worse, cannot be scouring the city for your lost love. You’re visiting the Mayan ruins tomorrow, let’s stick to the plan.
  5. Don’t Invite Your Travel Crush to Your Room – I know he’s devilishly handsome with a real life James Bond flair, but he could leave your place and tell people where you’re staying. And these people may not be as gentleman-like as him.
  6. Do Have a Lunch Date – Lunch time is the perfect meal for a little romance without the risk. Meet at a local café (near your hotel) and enjoy each other’s company. It’s daylight, in public, so in case he tries to get frisky, you can scream bloody murder and get the heck out of there.
  7. Do Give Him Your Number – Most likely you will have an international phone while you travel and it’s perfectly fine to give your number out. You can send flirty texts in between seeing each other and plan your next hang out. You also have the added bonus of leaving your fling behind once you head back home.
  8. Do Meet Up with Him and His Friends – Spending time with locals while you travel allows you to see the world from their eyes. They also know all the chic and fun places to hang out. You two can have fun with all your friends and even get a little time alone for a few secret smooches while having a great time.
  9. Don’t Be Unprepared – Every city can be considered the city of love. If you meet a sexy stranger, find you just can’t resist his charm any longer and decide to go a step further after your drink at the bar, then make sure you’re properly armed. I guarantee you, he won’t be around nine months later.
  10. Don’t Have a Long Distance Relationship – Your trip has an expiration date and so will your new fling. Unless you have plans to move to his homeland, it’s safe to say that your romance will fizzle out once you leave. At least you have some great memories and stories to share.
  11. Do Keep in Touch – You both may be dating other people, but there’s no reason you can’t keep in touch. Facebook and Skype are great ways to stay connected. And if you ever decide to visit that area again, you already have a friend you can room with and perhaps even more!

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