Pantone Products Are Everywhere and in Every Color

Pantone Products Are Everywhere and in Every Color

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Pantone Hotel

Pantone-Products-Hotel-ExteriorWith the mainstream popularity that Pantone has garnered in the past few years, you don’t have to be a designer or decorator to know about the brand and what they do. Basically, Pantone is to color what Webster is to words – they know just about every variation in their specialty.

Pantone, typically associated with the design world, has now grown to include a variety of products. You’re probably familiar with Pantone products, including their paint collections sold at home improvement stores as well as their collaboration with the fashion industry on their big Pantone Color of the Year campaign. Then there’s their exclusive makeup collab with Sephora and the mobile phone covers, too.


But recently, I was shocked to discover one more thing that’s been ‘Pantoned.’ In Brussels, Belgium there’s a hotel, not just any hotel, but a Pantone Hotel. As you can imagine, it’s chock full of color and it’s hard to imagine being anything but perky after a stay in the vibrant space. The lobby is decorated with colorful bicycles, checkered seating of varying reds and striped pillars in different shades of blue. But that’s not all. There’s even more Pantone products that may not have landed on your radar. Continue reading to see the kaleidoscope of color. Click the images to get more intel.

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