Phoenix Film Festival Fashion

Phoenix Film Festival Fashion

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Phoenix-Film-Festival-Fashion-NordstromSpring is right around the corner and so is the Phoenix Film Festival, so I’ve got a covert agent on the mission, ‘What to wear to a film festival.’ When it comes to film festival fashion, you don’t have to be famous to attend in style, you just have to be chic. Here are a few pieces we’ve scouted for the occasion and movies that are on our radar.

The Fashion:

The Films:

Bread & Butter – Late bloomer Amelia Karinsky, 30, has never had a boyfriend. Between overbearing parents and working for an eccentric life coach, Amelia feels something is missing in her life. She finds herself falling for two men – a clinically depressed author and a client of her boss. On her new love adventure, she discovers finding love might not be that something her life needed.

Clew – Painter Jack Hadrian is enjoying life until his fiancée mysteriously disappears. He becomes lonely and purchases a companion, a genetically-engineered woman tailored specifically for him. As they become more involved and he hears stories of her past, he begins to wonder who she really is.

Seven Hours In Heaven – Six friends meet up for an annual getaway at a cabin. After an evening of drinking they start to play an adult game of ‘Seven Minutes In Heaven’. The result spirals the group into a situation where their friendship is tested as well as how they see themselves.

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