“Star” TV Show Is On the Rise

“Star” TV Show Is On the Rise

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“Star” is the Lyons before the Empire

I love receiving intel from Agents of Chic and even better is when that intel ignites an idea for an article. I was recently tweeted by @sjcouturebridal about FOX’s newest show “Star” from Lee Daniels, who also brought us the phenomenally entertaining and successful series, “Empire.” @sjcoutureridal obviously watched the second episode, as I did. When the show first aired in December, I was mildly entertained, but after viewing the second episode in the series, I find myself addicted to its gritty storyline about three young women trying to launch a singing career with their newly formed girl’s group.

The shows title character Star (Jude Demorest) is an escapee from the foster care system, where she and her younger sister Simone (Brittany O’Grady) were placed after the apparent drug overdose of their mother. Star, who is mistreated by her foster parents and has dreams of making it big in music, runs away to realize her dreams, but not before finding her sister, who is also in a foster home. When she locates her sister, she discovers that she is being abused by her foster father. Star attacks him and flees with Simone–and soon meet up with wealthy, aspiring signer Alexandra (Ryan Destiny)– in route to reunite with their mother’s long-lost best friend, Carlotta Brown (Queen Latifah).

A spin-off of “Empire,” this show is filled with controversial subject matter from drug use and sexual abuse to transgender identification. When I received the tweet above, I couldn’t help but draw similarities from the two shows and the struggle of the characters in “Star,” as they seek fame, money, and success. It’s is a preface to what the Lyon family in “Empire” have become. In “Empire” we see the greed, ambition, and corruption that built the empire. In “Star” we are set to witness the rise, and fall, of the characters on their journey. It’s the kind of TV that keeps you coming back for more, and after the last episode, I’ll be tuning in weekly, after all, when there’s a rise, there inevitably will be a fall. But, who will it be? Only time will tell!

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