Top 5 Models for Phoenix Fashion Week 2013

Top 5 Models for Phoenix Fashion Week 2013

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PHOENIX — Earlier this month at the Phoenix Fashion Week model announcement party, 40 models were introduced who will debut during the Phoenix Fashion Week runway event on October 6th, where they will compete for title of “Model of the Year 2013.” Of the 30 women and 10 men who graced the catwalk at The Mint in Scottsdale, I selected my picks for the top five models who are not only photogenic, but have a striking feature that makes them stand out. Below I have listed each model and their unforgettable attribute, as well as an exclusive e-interview on their profession and inspiration.

Maureen (Gorgeous Eyes)
Ashley (Flawless Skin)
Carly (Beautiful Smile)
Samhita (Dramatic Eyebrows)
Denis (Chiseled Features)

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Why modeling?

Maureen: Modeling has been a passion of mine ever since I was young. I have always found it to be an outlet to express myself and love seeing the progress I have made throughout the years.

Ashley: Modeling has always been that one thing in my life that I have wanted to pursue from a very young age. At some point, I realized that I could make this dream a reality if I just put my trust in God, believe in my own abilities, put my best foot forward, and give my all.

Carly: I want to show the world what I am capable of doing my purpose on this earth; to model. Each time I step on the runway a feeling of confidence and adrenalin rushes through my body as I command the runway.

Samhita: Modeling to me, is not just putting on fancy clothing and walking down a runway or posing for the camera. Rather, modeling is a great way for me to express myself. I feel the most comfortable when I am on the runway and in a sense, I feel empowered.

Denis: A couple years ago my parents suggested that I take up modeling, they felt that I had the potential to have a successful go at the industry and I felt it would be an interesting new avenue to explore, to this day I find myself in love with modeling, a mix of the people, fashion, and lifestyle make it one of my very deep passions.

Who’s your supermodel icon?

Maureen: Miranda Kerr. She is my icon because she is able successfully partake in her own business endeavors while still being able to promote a good moral standard to the youth.

Ashley: Selita Ebanks. To me, she exudes beauty, confidence, and grace. Also, the fact that she is a woman of color inspires me to reach far beyond my own goals and expectations because my black is beautiful.

Carly: Heidi Klum has been an inspiration to me and countless other million young women. Her iconic status puts her above most other models. Besides being an accomplished model, she is kind and cares for others.

Samhita: Tyra Banks, without a doubt, would be my supermodel icon. Not only is she a supermodel, but she is also a successful business woman, mentor, and teacher.

Denis: Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher initially started out and created a very successful career as a model, down the road he decided to branch out and broaden his horizons by stepping into the acting field, the rest is history.

What is your dream modeling gig?

Maureen: My dream-modeling gig would have to be national campaign for a company like Coke or Pepsi.

Ashley: My dream modeling gig would be to travel abroad and walk the runway in a Paris or Milan Fashion Week Show.

Carly: My dream is to be an angel in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. I know this may be every girl’s dream but not every girl will make it a reality like I will.

Samhita: A Vogue photo shoot with some of the leading professionals in the high fashion industry. I can already imagine it. I would love to have the photo shoot on the Parthenon in Greece wearing grand, flowing dresses and extravagant jewelry fit for a Greek goddess.

Denis: Anything that involves a lot of traveling, It would be incredible to not only do what I love, modeling, but see the rest of world as I’m doing it.

Who is your favorite designer?

Maureen: My favorite designer would have to be Alexander McQueen. The designs are elegant, fresh, unique, and inspirational.

Ashley: There is one fashion designer in particular who his work has really caught my eye and that is Zac Posen. His eye for fashion is intricate and beautiful.

Carly: Giorgio Armani is by far my absolute favorite designer. His work is timeless and will last a lifetime. One day I hope to strut down his runway showcasing his brilliant work.

Samhita: My favorite designer would definitely have to be Zac Posen. The dresses and gowns he designs flatter the female body, accentuate a woman’s curves, and truly make a woman look and feel beautiful.

Denis: Giorgio Armani, the pioneer of the clean tailored look.

If you could be in a photo shoot with anyone past or present, who would it be and what would be the theme of the shoot?

Maureen: I would shoot with Tyra Banks; I feel like she would take an amazing shot and she could teach me a ton about modeling. I would love to do an action shot with her since she is so animated and talented.

Ashley: I would love to work with Shaun Ross. He is known as being the first albino male model. The theme of the shoot would be simple, yet raw and everything would be in black and white.

Carly: I would love to travel back in time and spend a day shooting with Marilyn Monroe. The theme would be old Hollywood as I love this classic look.

Samhita: I would definitely want to be in a photo shoot with the current supermodel, Coco Rocha. Coco has the talent of capturing the camera lens with every single expression she makes.

Denis: Ronald Reagan, the theme would be “Fashionomics.”

What is one fashion item you can’t live without?

Maureen: One fashion item I can’t live without would be pearl earrings. Nothing says class like a red lip and pearls.

Ashley: I cannot live without a good pair of earrings. Having short hair as a female is a statement in itself, but a when paired with some stylish earrings, it just ups the ante.

Carly: Life would be worthless without high heels. These shoes tie every outfit together. I wouldn’t be caught dead without my favorite pair of pumps. My dream is to own a pair of Louboutins.

Samhita: Hands down, a pair of nude strappy sandals is the one fashion item that I cannot live without. What girl doesn’t want a pair of heels that make her legs look miles long?

Denis: Casual dress shirts.

What trend do you wish would go away?

Maureen: Although it’s not quite a trend, I’d like to see velvet sweat pants sets go away. They can be cute but I think they have had their time.

Ashley: A trend that I wish would go away and quickly are Crocs. Yes, they may feel comfortable to the sole, but my soul wishes they would go; especially the Crocs with fur lining.

Carly: Uggs and shorts would probably be my least favorite trend. When girls where this, they just look weather confused. Pick a season!

Samhita: I think the style trend that needs to go away would have to be the high-low skirt. The reason I say this is because, at this point in time, they are just way too overdone.

Denis: Even though this “trend” is already dying, baggy/oversized clothes should get the final nail put in its coffin.

You’re trapped in an elevator with Tyra Banks. What three words would you give her to describe why you should be America’s Next Top Model?

Maureen: Fierce independent woman.

Ashley: Confidence, passion, and marketable.

Carly: I am it!

Samhita: I would simply say “I am a pot-ledom that can smize and tooch like nobody else.” And then I would add the words “I love you Tyra!”

Denis: Look at me.

What’s your favorite food indulgence?

Maureen: I’m a sucker for sweets! Any thing sweet like cheesecake or dark chocolate would be my favorite food indulgence.

Ashley: My absolute favorite food indulgence is buffalo wings with ranch dressing.

Carly: In-n-out burgers with animal fries are by far my guilty pleasure.

Samhita: I am a total sucker for an ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. They get even better when there is a fresh, sliced heirloom tomato in the middle.

Denis: Sushi. For some reason I really enjoy raw fish wrapped in rice.

What’s your favorite movie so far this year?

Maureen: My favorite movie so far this year would have to be “Monsters University.” I thought it was an adorable movie and one of the few movies I have made sure to see on it’s opening weekend.

Ashley: My favorite movie so far this year would have to be “42.” It’s the life of Jackie Robinson who was the first African American to play in the American Major League Baseball. It’s a great story of how to fight through adversity.

Carly: My favorite movie is “The Conjuring.” This scary movie proved my interest in the supernatural world.

Samhita: I loved watching the “Hunger Games” on Netflix and I am really looking forward to “Catching Fire” coming out in theaters this fall.

Denis: “The Great Gatsby.”

What favorite tune is on your playlist currently?

Maureen: Currently my favorite song is “Crooked Smile” by J Cole.

Ashley: My favorite song on my playlist right now would have to be “Sweet Life” by Frank Ocean.

Carly: “Love Will Remember” by Selena Gomez is the song I jam out to every day of my life.

Samhita: The song “Mirrors” by the one and only Justin Timberlake is currently on my playlist and I am obsessed.

Denis: “Blood on the Leaves” by Kanye West.

If you were a Chic Spy Agent, what would be your code name? 

Maureen: My Chic Spy Agent name would be Bad Mama Jama, I like to keep things sassy.

Ashley: Glamazon! Special shout out to RuPaul for that one.

Carly: Curious Carly.

Samhita: I would be the Style Snafu Sniper! Try to say that five times without getting your tongue-tied.

Denis: Double “0” Chiseled.

(Images courtesy of Phoenix fashion Week)

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