“Jurassic World” Star Chris Pratt Dishes On What Scares Him

“Jurassic World” Star Chris Pratt Dishes On What Scares Him

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If you’ve ever watched the TV series Parks and Recreation (2009-2015), seen Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), or caught the latest Steven Spielberg dinosaur sequel Jurassic World, then you are no doubt familiar with actor Chris Pratt, known for his onscreen charm and All-American boy-next-door appeal. Recently, Women’s Health magazine had a chat with Pratt for the July/August issue in the ‘What Men Think’ column about two things most guys might shy away from discussing – women and relationships. Courtesy of Women’s Health, I’ve got intel from the Chris Pratt interview and it’s HOT, HOT, HOT!

Opposites attract: true or false?
Well, scientifically it’s a fact, because you can look at the polarity of the water molecule and the capillary action of ice and water. [Laughs] It can be true in real life, too, but I don’t think it’s a rule. If you’re like Anna [Faris, Pratt’s wife] and myself, we’re very similar. We married ourselves because we have comparable egos and abnormally high self-esteem.

Is it ever okay to lie to your partner?
Honesty is the best policy, but being mindful of someone’s feelings is also very important. It’s not okay to lie, but it is okay to protect your partner. And understanding the difference requires wisdom.

Are you a fan of PDA?
Yes. But it’s a fine line. Keep it classy. Don’t be gross. I don’t mind PDA; I do mind GPDA, which is Gross Public Displays of Affection.

When was the last time you were really scared?
Parenting comes with a lot of fears – some rational, some irrational. Jack, our son [age 2], has had a couple of surgeries. Those were scary. He just had one recently, and I knew he would be fine because it was a minor thing and he’s had it done before, but you can’t help but get scared when your kid is going under anesthesia.

What would the reality show about your life be called?
Hollywood Squares. It’d be a throwback to the old game show, except instead of us playing tic-tac-toe and answering pop-culture trivia questions, we would just sit around and watch The Bachelor and make meals. It would be super boring.

“I like it when a girl gets made up.”

Boobs or butt? “Both? Can I have both? Either?”

Makeup or au naturel? “Makeup. I’m supposed to say natural, but I like it when a girl gets made up.”

Twitter or Instagram? “Twitter. I forgot my password on Instagram.”

Your sexiest quality? “Maybe my self-defense skills? And, um, I have big feet.”

What do you sleep in? “A bed?”

Yes, but what do you wear when you’re in the bed? “Oooh, oh. Underwear.”

Image source: Universal Pictures and Women’s Health

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