Fairytale Villain Maleficent Brings Wicked Ways to Big Screen

Fairytale Villain Maleficent Brings Wicked Ways to Big Screen

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Just when you thought Walt Disney Pictures could not get any better, they reach back in time to their 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty and bring us a film based on one of Disney’s most fearsome villains, Maleficent.

Met with the haunting adaptation of “Once Upon A Dream,” the movie depicts how the wicked Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) came to be. Once a pure young woman, Maleficent’s evil ways came about when an army invaded her land. Wanting to protect her home at all costs, she became the fiercest defender. After dealing with hurt and betrayal, her heart turned cold and vowed revenge on the king’s successor. However, she did not take her rage out on him, but placed a spell on his baby girl, Aurora (Elle Fanning). Maleficent eventually realizes that Aurora may hold the key to returning peace to the land that she loves so dearly.


Will Maleficent help Aurora or is it too late for this queen’s ice-cold heart to find happiness? This spin on one of Disney’s most epic fairytales is sure to excite viewers both young and old. Not to mention, Angelina is sure to give us all the performance of a lifetime. The film will be hitting theaters May 30.

Image source: Walt Disney Pictures

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