Who’s That Girl: Lindsay Viker

Who’s That Girl: Lindsay Viker

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Blogging typically evokes imagery of chic fashionistas striking a pose in their outfit of the day and posting on their blog or social media. But writer Lindsay Viker takes blogging to the next level. Her site Couture In the Suburbs features articles ranging from styled shoots to designer interviews.

I recently caught up with Viker for an e-interview to chat about her site and get intel on her style and entertainment favorites.


What inspired the launch of your website? I was going to school at Arizona State University, and at the time there wasn’t a lot of ways to get involved in fashion. Because I was studying entrepreneurship, it made total sense to me to start my own website to connect to fashion. One of my good friends gave me the best piece of advice when I was getting started. He said, “Write what you know. There are too many people writing about NYFW who aren’t at NYFW, so do something different and write about what you are experiencing first hand.” I started writing about the fashion scene in Arizona and fell in love with the people who were either just getting started in their career, or were having tremendous success, but were flying under the radar locally.

What is a favorite article you have written? One of my favorite articles was when I interviewed Alexis Bittar. He was down to earth, even though he didn’t need to be. We chatted like old friends and he really inspired me to chase my dreams, no matter how crazy they seemed!

You have styled articles on your site. Name someone past or present, real or fictional you would like to style and why. I would love to have styled Amy Winehouse. Her music is incredibly soulful and inspiring, and I would have loved to give her a more refined look to match.

Trend(s) you love and hate at the moment. Love: Flare jeans! They are great on a tall girl like myself, and balance out my long proportions nicely. Hate: Athletic wear as everyday clothing. I love fashion too much to be running around in yoga pants all day. For me, gym clothes are for the gym and lounge clothes are for lounging. Put forth a little effort and throw on a dress that makes you look and feel great.

What is your style profile: Classicist, Minimalist, Mademoiselle, Contemporary, Glamazon, Bohemian, or Rocker? Minimalist. I love classic silhouettes from the 20s and 70s eras, and always have a statement piece of jewelry on.

Favorite cocktail. Cosmopolitan – specifically the one from the Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan casino in Vegas.

Advice to aspiring bloggers. Find something that you are so passionate about that you can’t help but talk about it. Blogging is really hard work, so you have to be passionate about the topic to have any success with it.

Three (3) style tips you live by. 

  1. If the trend doesn’t work for you, skip it.
  2. Effortlessness is everything.
  3. I hate to look like I’m trying too hard or uncomfortable in my own skin. It’s better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.

Favorite vacation spot. San Diego. It’s not too far to drive from AZ, and I love the water, food, and nightlife scene.

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