Guest Agent: Sonia Kashuk

Guest Agent: Sonia Kashuk

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If you’ve ever took a foray into Target’s massive beauty isles, you’ve undoubtedly peeped one of their most popular designer brands, Sonia Kashuk Beauty. The line features brightly colored beauty baubles, running the gamut from cosmetics bags and makeup brushes to of course, makeup. The eponymous beauty guru behind the brand is keen on style too, counting designers such as Dries Von Noten and Isabel Marant as her favorites. As for accessories, Kashuk is currently loving her Celine slip-on sneakers and custom Renard Atelier bags from Paris; and when it comes to spending a night out on the town, she is a theater buff and catches Broadway plays when she can. Here’s more intel on Kashuk’s faves.

Sonia Kashuk Guest Agent

Sonia-Kashuk-Lustrous-Shine-Lip-Crayo-Sweet-PeaHow did you get started in the beauty business? In the early 80s while I was working as a stylist on a video for the song “Funky Town,” the makeup artist didn’t show, so I filled in and the rest is history.

What sets your line apart from other beauty brands?
 I’m humbled to be recognized as a pioneer in bridging the gap between mass and prestige. I love the fact that my line is affordable and accessible to all women and I love being able to help people feel their best self. My brand at Target is almost like a mini store within a store because my collection includes offerings that address all different aspects of beauty from accessories, makeup bags and brushes to cosmetics. No one has the range or diversity that I have in terms of product assortment.

What product from your line should every girl have in her bag? Basic yet versatile essentials that can be used to create a polished look for day or night, whatever the occasion may be. That includes my Undetectable Foundation Stick (below top) for spot concealing and touchups, my Chic Luminosity Bronzer Blush Duo for color and tone (above), my Eye Couture in Eye on Neutral palette (below center) for an endless variety of shades, and the perfect neutral lip color like my Lustrous Shine Lip Crayon (left) in Sweet Pea or my Shine Luxe Sheer Lip Color (below bottom) in Sheer Mauve.





Sonia Kashuk’s Beauty Tips

  1. Always take care of your skin. Incredible makeup starts with great skin and when your skin is well taken care of, you are half way there before you even start your application.
  2. You can’t do great makeup without great brushes. The tools you use are just as important as the products themselves. The right brush will give a seamless application and a flawless
  3. One that is dear to my heart comes from my mother. She would always tell me “Put on a little lipstick.” She understood the power of makeup and how one small product can have a big impact on your confidence. It’s something that always stuck with me and advice I always carry with me.

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