Miley Cyrus Covers March Issue of Vogue Germany

Miley Cyrus Covers March Issue of Vogue Germany

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GERMANY — Alicia Keys may have the hit song “Girl on Fire” but the girl who’s actually on fire is Miley Cyrus, or shall I say her career? It seems like everywhere you turn you can’t help but be bombarded with images of the former Disney star from entertainment news shows to fashion magazine covers. I recently spotted her channeling an Old Hollywood Marilyn Monroe – or maybe it’s a modern day Rita Oro – on three separate covers of the Vogue Germany March issue. The spread, which is chock full of images of Miley baring skin, was shot by world famous fashion photographer Mario Testino, who’s known for his love of the risqué.

Miley is hot right now, so it makes sense that she’d land this gig, but why is she so famous? All the hype surrounding her has me wondering what is her allure. Is it her twerking ability, or maybe it’s her skill of mounting wrecking balls, or even her flare for kitschy costumes. Why do young girls want to be her and guys want to be with her? Ugh, okay, the latter was a dumb question.

I saw a few minutes of her VMA performance with Robin Thicke and was underwhelmed for obvious reasons, admittedly I have yet to listen to any of her songs in their entirety, so perhaps I’m being too quick to judge, but something seems familiar with her rise to stardom that is reminiscent of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Remember how well that went? But I guess time will tell. Meanwhile we’ll just have to deal, so bring it on Miley!

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