Who’s That Girl: Kristina Hallberg

Who’s That Girl: Kristina Hallberg

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Dietitian shares intel on a healthy lifestyle in the new year

It’s the new year and undoubtedly one of the main resolutions that people will make, is to adapt a healthy lifestyle–whether it be through diet, exercise, or both. One way this can be done is to find a professional, who can help create an individualized meal plan and exercise regimen. I recently caught up with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Kristina Hallberg, to get intel on achieving a healthy lifestyle in the new year, style faves on her radar, and her protein ‘Bonus Bites’ recipe.

Can you explain what you do as an RDN? I motivate and support people to develop a lifetime of healthy lifestyle practices, mindfulness and well-being that complements their individual lifestyle. I call this ‘spreading nutritional wealth.’ It allows me to share, motivate and coach those ready to elevate their health to the next level. I use my expertise and nutrition philosophy to conduct group workshops, individual coaching, recipes and meal plans all with the intent and mindset to support people in their goals to be healthy and feel happy.
What healthy eating myth would you like to dispel? Carbohydrates will make you fat. Overeating any macronutrient (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) can add to your waistline and not make you feel as energized as you would like. Many carbohydrates come from plants, fruits and veggies. Many of these plant foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals that are vital to overall wellness. This is not a boring carbohydrate lesson, but bottom line is, don’t be afraid to eat your fruits, veggies and my personal fave–sweet potatoes!
Kristina Hallberg at a local Farmer’s Market
What is a major trend in diet and health that is on your radar? Less restriction, more mindful eating and more feeling awesome. More of an inner wisdom, individualized approach to nutrition and health. More mindfulness, less ‘dieting.’ There is no one size fits all in health and everyone’s healthy is different. Tuning into one’s own body mindfully–goals, challenges and lifestyle is important in finding the best, healthiest version of yourself.
Another thing on my radar is gut health. More fermented and probiotic foods hitting the shelves. Your gut microbiome is imperative in overall great health, reduced inflammation, wellness, energy, digestive health and immunity just to name a few. Fascinating, I know. Plus, more and more research is proving a healthy gut microbiome to be key in our overall wellbeing.

Favorite in food. Favorite snack food–sprouted almonds. Favorite sweet treat–French macarons. Salted caramel is delish!

Favorite cocktail. Cosmopolitan, or when I have my feet in the sand, a Cadillac Margarita.

What is your style profile Classicist, Minimalist, Mademoiselle, Contemporary, Glamazon, Bohemian, or Rocker? The Classicist–2017 I think I will add a little Rocker flare. (Style Profile Quiz)

Favorite in fashion. A beautiful handbag–made well, clean lines, simple and versatile for day or night.

Favorite in beauty. Anything Tata Harper. The Replenishing Nutrient Complex is beautiful.

What is one item that is always in your handbag? Jane Iredale Facial Hydration Spray.

Favorite in entertainment. TV Show–”House of Cards.” Music–Florida Georgia Line.

Favorite vacation spot. Anywhere on a beach.

Kristina Hallberg striking a yoga move.

Kristina Hallberg Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  1. Be Mindful. Tune into your body, your hunger signs, your fullness signs, slow down, forgive yourself and forget all the external diet rules.
  2. Eat More. Eat more nutrient dense real foods like greens, brightly colored fruits, and veggies.
  3. Move. Move your body! Try a new class, yoga, meditation, exercise, walking, jogging, skipping, whatever you like–write it down and make it happen.
  4. Accept. Love and appreciate your body–you are enough. Focus on how you feel. How you feel can be a reflection on how you treat your body and mind.
  5. Behavior goals. Focus on your behaviors–your behaviors will lead you to your results.

For more intel on Kristina Hallberg, Download the Bonus Bites recipe

Image source: Kristina Hallberg

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